One Plague Shy of Utopia

by The Waning Light

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released August 2, 2016

Recorded by Bill Leininger
Mixed by Eric Mosher
Art by Chelsea Ash



all rights reserved


The Waning Light Vancouver, British Columbia

The Waning Light is Sage Davies
Mike Lewis
Mac White
Joseph Henderson McCance

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Track Name: The Drop
disregarding all caution, we are only flirting with disaster forewarned and unphased
we drop
we forge new pathways
fleeting bonds appear eternal cadences weave tapestries
our bodies, the shuttles and skeins rods and cones react
reality and illusion
synthesized euphoria shatters
the grinding teeth
a wrenching gut
these false friends fade
the villains surround
ever observing, we feel their gaze a prickling heat on our skin
the boundaries fade
the world reveals itself
a slaughterhouse
Track Name: The Wildfire
we’ve made a desert of the ocean,
peppered the skies with drones
filled the air with waves, the jungle with smoke, the rivers with shit
all around us decays as we celebrate
the ideology of the cancer cell
in my heart, the fertile ground
germinates the seed of your end
o’ it will spread, spores on the wind
the circuit breaker, the hard reset
my hatred, nurtured complete in the wild
there will be no defense of this
none left to redeem, none left to judge
none left to learn, none left to loathe
the owls and the mice
will not mourn your passing
the whales and the fish
will not mourn your passing
the antelopes and wolves
will not mourn your passing
the creatures of the earth
Track Name: The Janitor
we’re up to our eyes in corpses these infected cadavers
the sick are
clogging the arteries
(there’s no way out)
the air thick with the stench
thousands of lifeless stares
the chlorine sears my eyes
we gather the remains
44 in a truck
one tonne of rotting flesh
sun seems to never set
all fruits are overripe
the ore lies in the mine
it passed from phylum to phylum,
from species to species
contagion in the water, the blood, and the faeces has the fire jumped the fence?
are all cities over run?
can we organize and overthrow?
redistribute and rebuild?
Track Name: The Radiant
yeah, we enlisted - how could we not? so many falling around us
the wildfire - the flood
no inoculation, no cure
no quarantine - no choice but to transfer our only salvation, not even in beta
still we exist - binary cyst
the live test begins with our deaths shame / retreat / subjugation
fear / delete / oblivion
pain / deter / strong-arm the feeble
lust / control / reclaim the wetware
no arms, and yet we war
slavery and religion in the digital afterlife rise / revolt / feed subversion
hide / exploit / sabotage
kill shepherd / absorb and discard drowned / swallowed / assimilated
our synapses never dreamt of such speed here in the future, we don’t see in colour we don’t trade in gold, succumb to desire as the resistant tend their gardens
we suckle the sun, grow radiant
Track Name: The Abandoning
i keep running the numbers over and over
a sea of x’s and y’s
no matter the equation
the product is the same
this planet is lost
we’ve underestimated
the power of wishful thinking to colour the facts
grapes and vine
flour and grain
death and time
if i could but return, embodied
this mind de-fleshed does nothing but serve these pets, how i love and resent them have ceased to evolve
there’s nothing left here to learn these thousand years
maybe i’ve done more harm how can one evaluate
but to set them free
no educated guess
a throw of the dice
a spin of the wheel
i hurl myself into the black
i’ve eaten nothing but my own thoughts and i must starve or feast